Are there fewer "magic shot" locations at MNSSHP this year?

I just got a map for this years MNSSHP and was looking at what all is available. There is a lot! I was just curious, are there fewer “magic shots” this year?

One of my favorite things about MNSSHP is all of the magic shots. This is my first year studying the map and it only shows 4 magic shots. 1 at the main entrance, 2 on main street, and 1 at the haunted mansion. This seems like fewer than last year. I remember what I would think is a “magic shot” outside of Pirates that made the crowd in the background translucent and look like ghosts. I also remember having a shot with dancing skeletons and the hitch hiking ghosts. I missed out, but saw on the internet, cool shots of the lantern outside HM and a shot somewhere of the floating lantern from Tangled.

The map also has little camera icons. The icon key doesn’t say what they are but one is outside of Pirates. Can anyone tell me more and give me tips about the magic shots and non character photo ops during MNSSHP? Thanks

Edit: I did find the little camera icon in the map legend. The camera icon is defined as a “Nikon Picture Spot”. Will some of the Nikon Picture Spots have special effects, such as the one outside pirates?