Are there any uncrowded areas in MK during fireworks? (Not to watch)

My kids don’t do well with sardine packed crowds and don’t have a desire to stand and “watch” the fireworks or castle projections. Are there places in Magic Kingdom that are less crowded when the fireworks are going on where we could hit a few rides or shows, or should we try to just get out of the park before they start? Thanks!

We rode Jungle Cruise and POTC during the fireworks in October.

Our POTC boat was empty! Dd and I were the only ones on the boat.

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I haven’t been in a number of years, but generally speaking most of the “lands” will be less crowded leading up to and during the show, and standby lines are often shorter. But I’ll defer to those with more recent experience.

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… also note that some attractions in Fantasyland close during the fireworks

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I would stick to Adventureland and Frontierland. The fireworks are so incredibly loud in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland and I find more people gather there to watch too.

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Having said that you can still find shorter waits in TL during the fireworks. If you’re lucky, you might snatch a ride on People Mover or Astro Orbiter during and catch a glimpse or two as you ride.


Yes this! Also, dumbo during fireworks is fantastic as well!