Are there any really large images of maps of magic kingdom, epcot, etc to print large poster size?

I’m looking to print out some large poster size images of disney parks (MK, Epcot, DHS, AK). Are there any really large images to do that from? Wouuld be nice if they were semi updated, but I suppose its not neccessary.

Actually, yes, the maps exist in scalable PDF’s which I think are the largest available versions. However they are not exactly new, I think they are all from a few years ago and I’m not sure if newer versions exist:

The size limitation in printing these would be the actual map background image, which will get pixelated at some point. The text is scalable.

Additionally, you can find images up to about 1500px on google, for example the 50th maps here:

Or slightly cropped images of 2022 maps here: 2022 Animal Kingdom Map – Walt Disney World - WDW Magazine