Are the touring plans usable right now?

We’re going to Disney World the last week in January. I’m wondering whether the touring plans are even usable right now. They seem to be split between plans that were pre-covid and ones that were created when deep in covid shutdown. Both of those seem out of date now and haven’t been updated for the recent changes in opening, Genie+, Lightning Lane, and virtual queues.

So, is there any of the premade plans that are usable or am I out of luck in choosing a plan from the site?

I just went into the Covid HS plan. I started it at 5pm, deleted a bunch of stuff (since I was starting 8 hours late) and added a time for one attraction that had LL.

The plan seemed reasonable, and put my LL attraction in the correct order. The only thing I noticed missing from the options was Indy.

The ability to add LL only shows up day of. At this time it is not suggesting what to book (unless I am missing it?)

Are the covid plans taking account of the re-opened attractions, such as fireworks?

I didn’t look at HS. MK (one day adult plan starting at 7:25pm today)

You need to go to “modify” and scroll to the bottom.

Thanks for your help

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My HS plan worked great a few days after Thanksgiving. It was spot on, really.