Are the rooms in All Star Sports run down?

The last time we stayed in All Star Sports, the rooms and building looked run down. True, we came down with a high school lacrosse team and they probably put us in a run down building (Hoops Hotel) on purpose. We just got a great deal on rooms at All Star Sports for June and I made the reservation but now I am second guessing my choice. The cast member helping me said that the entire resort had been refurbished in the last two years. Does that include the rooms? Does anyone have information on that? Thanks for your help.

We stayed in AS Sports last November and the rooms were just fine. The only issue we had was with the electronic locks not recognizing everyone’s bands.

They refurbish them every few years. Keeping in mind that the value resorts will always still be value resorts. Similar in amenities to a standard motel room. Two beds, a bathroom, and a TV. And at least at Disney you get a small mini-fridge. I will say, however, our biggest complaint is the beds at values. We won’t stay in them anymore because we find the beds to be too hard.