Are the open rides at MK different for DAH vs VAH?

We will be in WDW next month and are debating whether we’d like to do an after hours event (leaning towards VAH because the dates work better with our schedule). I looked on the WDW site under each event (DAH & VAH) and noticed that it states there are “25 attractions” open for DAH and “20+ attractions” open for VAH - specifically 7DMT is not listed as open during VAH - really??? I would think the number of attractions would be the same for each event, particularly since VAH costs more. Can anyone confirm the rides that are actually open during VAH? I realize we can ride anything prior to the start of the event, but I’m just curious about the rides for the event itself. Thank you!

Here’s the brochure from 2019 VAH event. You can see all the rides:

I got it from a great blog easywdw - Here’s a link, but it does have SPOILERS on what you’ll see

I think it’s just the meet and greets that are different. Some are still open during DAH, but close for VAH. Otherwise the same rides are closed for both, eg CoP, Riverboat, Railroad.

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Oh, you are amazing - thank you so much for posting this! Helps a lot, thanks :slight_smile:

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