Are the 4th and onwards FPP tiered?

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Will be in WDW in the sweltering heat of August so the plan is to rope drop one park in the am break for lunch/pool then back to another park in the evening.

If I go to MK in the morning and lets say on my way out of MK I get lucky enough to get a tier one attraction at another park in the evening . After I use that 4th FPP am I able to continue booking tier ones for the rest of day?

From everything I have read, it appears as the tiers apply only to make ahead FPP not day of. Is this right?

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You are correct. After your initial 3 you can make 1 at a time for any tier you want.

After you use your first 3, You can get 1 FP at a time, so tiers do not apply as you get them 1 at a time. You cant secure a 4th FP until you use up the first 3. Then you can get a 5th once you tap in the 4th. Tiers only apply to those first 3. (And tiers are only at HS, Epcot and AK but it aounds like you know that)

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HS also has tiers TSL being tier 1.

Sorry, typo! Fixed

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