Are T-Rex and DS worth the trip?

Yeah. Actually, it is worth mentioning that there are things to do sometimes when you don’t realize it. At the Lego Store, it isn’t just drooling over Lego sets you can never afford, but there are some activities and interactive digital displays you can let the kids do as well.

I could not find reservations through Disney or using the ADR finder, but I hear T-rex only puts a small portion of their seating in the Disney system. I called them on the phone and they booked me no problem, even though they didn’t know I had a Landry card.

p.s. Thanks for the tip about Landry’s. I’ll take the points on my card.

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My kids absuolutely love T-Rex. Yes it’s noisy and you can get better food elsewhere but it’s one of their favourites for the dinosaurs. As a family we’re not really fussed about DS but go for Trex and the Lego store. You might want to consider where to sit. The ice cave has strange lighting and seems colder. My two don’t even like walking through it. We have struggled to get reservations on the Disney system but called direct and they had loads of space.

I wouldn’t go to DS on a park day but if you have a non-park day it’s good. We went on our arrival day (no parks) and did Gooofy’s Candy Company, the train and carousel. We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express though so I can’t comment on T-Rex.

Do you not need reservations at any Landry’s restaurant if you have the card? I’m thinking about getting one.

No you don’t.

We have done T-Rex twice (2009 and 2018) and it was okay both times. It was very loud and the service was very bad. The food was fine. Our first trip the two older kids enjoyed the atmosphere, but our second trip we all went just so our 7 year old could experience it. He was like “eh” and mostly just liked the build-a-dinosaur gift shop area. My husband and I have vowed to never return now that all three kids have been at least once.

To me, Disney Springs is crowded and overwhelming so I also wouldn’t do it as part of a park day. This time we planned to go on arrival night, but our travel day got completely messed up by weather and we didn’t arrive until 2:30 am. We ended up going on our evening after Typhoon Lagoon and it worked out nicely. I get overwhelmed by crowds and my husband gets cranky so I think we would HATE extending a crowded park day by spending the evening in DS.

T-Rex is a serious pass for me. I went in for a drink at the bar on one visit just to check out the “atmosphere” and by 15 min I was so ready to leave…

I enjoy DS, especially after dark, but I agree to do it on a non-park day. I might do it on arrival night, or on my one non-park day somewhere in the middle of my trip.

I agree 100%