Are Maelstrom wait times increasing?

With all the talk of an impending refurb/overhaul, I wonder if the waits for Maelstrom are increasing. I’ve seen reports of this on other sites but the lines app doesn’t seem to show an unexpectedly high wait. Anyone have experience? If it is going to change, I want to make sure we see it on our upcoming trip and if we need a FPP.

Don’t knew if news travels so far outside the message board communities to make a huge impact. I’d attribute it more to its move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in FP+ choices. No one in their right mind one use it as a tier one, but it is a great tier two choice.

It could be missed and you wouldn’t miss it.

The wait was upwards of 20mins during our visit on what I believe was a 6/10 crowd day.

After riding via our only successful attempt at getting a 4th FPP, I am certain I would never wait in any line to ride it.

AND I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t bother, even if I had a FPP.

AND I wouldn’t use one of my initial 3…

(do I sound like i hate it? LOL)

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When we got into EP this morning at 8:00 for EMH it was already listed as limited availability at the FP+ kiosks. It’s one of those things that isn’t really worth it to us.

Not to derail the post, but…Is the movie option showing afterwards? It wasn’t when we were there in March. And on the FPP’s, I was hard pressed to find anything to use a Tier 2 FPP on in Epcot. Does any Tier 2 FPP really need one?

Yes, the movie was showing. There were zero guests watching it

It was showing when we were there last week too. Walked right on through. Norway movie is for napping only