Are full service menus limited?

I feel like the current full service dining menus are limited. For instance Nine Dragons only has 9 entrees to choose from. I swore when I was there 5 years ago there was a lot more to choose from.
Am I correct?
Is this a pandemic staff shortage thing? Supply chain thing? Or what?


since reopening the menus at all TS and QS have been cut back/limited. There might be some exceptions in DS?




Initially I think they had limited menus to limit food waste b/c they were limiting how many ppl could access the property. When they started increasing park capacity they seemed to also increase (a bit) menu options, but it is still not up to where it was before covid. And there are supply issues. Disney is using a different ketchup for example due to supply issues.


Another reason, which I read about, had to do with restaurants trying to design their meal prep and cooking to better distance their workers from each other (in 2020). Simplifying their menus down to a few core, popular items and dropping some of the less popular, more complicated, unrelated items. That probably also lets them keep the doors open with less staff.

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There is also the penny-pinching that they bragged about, for example finding different cheaper suppliers. Having extremely limited selection has to help their bottom line also. If you have 1/3 the selection as before, you know that every choice will get a decent number of people ordering each. So, less food waste and you can do a lot of the prep work before the dishes are ordered and just wait on the final step shortly before you send it out the door.

I don’t buy the supply-chain issues. Disney Springs and Universal haven’t done that. So, I think it is Covid-excuse not Covid-reason.