Are FEA FP available before11am?

Are FEA FP available beforel 11am please?

I have not seen any. I pretty sure that’s correct.


Thank you, am I also right in thinking that I can’t book a FP within an hour of an ADR please?

I thought they were - but I wanted afternoon anyway and didn’t pay a lot of attention. I’ve never heard of a ride being SB only for part of the day and then having FP. Hopefully someone will know for definite.

I did book FP within an hour of ADRs, I just got a warning that I had other plans around that time. I know people have had trouble with it in the past though. I seem to remember it was an app vs browser problem. I can’t remember which I used!

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Like @missoverexcited said, you can have them overlap, you just get a warning message on DME. You are told about the overlap, but not prevented from doing it. I had that happen a few times on my recent trip.

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What time and where is the ADR and what time is the FEA FPP?

Haven’t booked FPP yet, still trying to work out what to book, I have a couple of ADR’s at Akershus & Coral Reef, but having difficulty deciding which days to do what.

I guess that if you had an ADR at- picking a random time- 11 and you had an FPP for 12-1pm, then you’d have anywhere from 1 to 2 hrs to make the FPP after your ADR. Are you trying to get a FEA FPP close to your Akershus ADR? Since Akershus is a character meal, you may want to give yourself up to 1.5hrs there before an FPP reservation. I wouldn’t want to rush Akershus.

I’m looking to do FEA and 2 other FPP before Akershus ADR, in the shortest realistic time, thanks.