Are evening hrs as effective as early morning hrs for rides?

Is it as effective to tour in the evening as it is the morning hrs?

Are you asking about extra magic hours? Late hours at MK can be a good time to tour but I have found that at HS the crowd that stays late loves RnR and ToT (and late is not real late).


Any thoughts on Epcot? I’m hoping to do Test Track during the second hour of evening EMH.

I’d expect relatively long lines. We did Soarin’ years ago on EMH & had about the same wait as during the day unfortunately. No FastPass “cutting the line” but beyond that, it wasn’t a short wait. I’d presume Test Track would be much the same, especially if going soon with Soarin’ closed…

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Good insight, thank you!

We rode Test Track last April during evening EMH around 10:30pm. It was a very busy day (Friday before Easter) and we waited about 30 minutes in standby. Not bad at all. Of course Soarin was open then too, so that may change things a bit with Soarin closed.

30 minutes would be fine by me. Soarin’ will be closed but it should also be a moderate attendance day, so I’m gonna go for it. Thanks for your experience!


If your group can handle it the really late EMH hours at Magic Kingdom are the best. The weather turns cooler, the crowds slowly start to leave, and most of the rides become walk-ons. We stayed until 2am a couple of trips ago, and now we will go out of our way to stay late. By the time we were leaving the streets were empty. We sat on a bench and watched the Kiss Goodnight then slowly made our way out. It was really fun.

In my experience, not really, but you might hit thing just right during the fireworks. From my experience, and I’ve done both plenty of times to know that the early mornings are far more enjoyable because you are rested.

Okay so after rereading my trip report from last year, I have to add that we didn’t ride Test Track standby- it was single rider. Standby had a much longer line. Sorry for the misinformation.

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We rode Test Track during EMH last June. We got in line about 10:50 and had about a 25 to 30 minute wait. I remember being a little surprised at the length of the wait. I think it was the first time I had ever seen CMs so over their job - it was obviously the end of a very long day and they wanted to be done (not that I blame them).

Oh dang. Good to know, thanks for the addendum!

I’m hoping for a similar ride time and wait time. It’ll be worth it to ride Test Track at night, and to not have to use a FastPass on it (I’m trying to avoid using any at Epcot at all).