Are DHS Tier 2 FP's dropping off if not used?

I have searched this topic because I know someone made a comment about it the other day but cannot find the answer. Today was FP day. Booked Voyage Little Mermaid 9:10, Frozen Singalong 10:00, and Slinky Dog at 11:25. I have no plans to use the 9:10 VoM FP and plan to be in SWGE at that time for RD since there are no EEMH in December. Is the VoM FP going to drop off and be “used” if I don’t tap in? I do plan to use the Frozen FP. DHS is 60+5 so I can still rearrange FPs if needed.

The system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after the time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window. However, this is not a guarantee.


ST dropped off for us last week. We had 10am Frozen, 11:10 SDD, 12:10 ST. Just didn’t use ST and it dropped (but in June a FPP that I didn’t use didn’t drop :woman_shrugging:t2:)

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If they don’t drop off then you should modify them to a close-by tier2 ride so you can tap in and then do the same with the next one.