Are CS options OK?

I was thinking about eating at Contempo Cafe for lunch and then maybe take the boat to WL for dinner at Roaring Forks on our MK day. We are staying at CBR and considered eating dinner at Boardwalk Bakery or Landscape of Flavors on our arrival day. We will have car and PH tickets. Didn’t know if plan was OK or if there were better options? Any advice would be appreciated. This is our first trip.

CS can be great choices! Honestly, I would walk into World Showcase and get CS there instead of BW bakery. You are brave! I think it took me more than 10 trips before I learned to leave a park for CS. I personally hop the boat or monorail and go to Captain Cook’s but that is just because the pork nachos there are one of my favorite meals. I must say that Wolfgang Puck Express in the Marketplace section of DTD is amazing as well.

Thanks for the feedback! We are going to eat at WGP Express on our departure day. I’m really looking forward to it.

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I enjoy a lot of the resort CS, and I really enjoy having an excuse to explore various resorts. Landscape of Flavors was especially good, and I am always a fan of Roaring Forks. Plus, Wilderness Lodge is a beautiful resort to explore. I haven’t tried Contempo Cafe, but I did enjoy the CS restaurant at the Grand Floridan.

WL is beautiful, but if just going for food, Roaring Forks is nothing special in the food department. You may be as well or better to hit Captain Cook’s at the Poly or Gasparilla Grill at Grand Floridian. Another option would be to share a couple appetizers at the Territory Lounge at WL or hit the pool bar. (And to be fair, WCC often doesn’t need an ADR and has reasonable prices.)

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Thanks for the response. There are so many choices and I keep changing my mind. I’m glad you can recommend LoF and RF. I also thought it would be nice to look at those resorts.

I had originally planned on Capt Cook’s, but DH doesn’t like the menu. I will look at the menu at Gasparilla Grill. Thank you for the feedback - this is exactly what I was looking for.

I might have to give RF another go after @theredhead’s endorsement! Seems like when we’ve been there it’s been extremely crowded with crazy lines, inadequate seating, and very limited food, but to be fair, we were staying at WL and always went during peak periods. (The pulled pork sandwich at WCC for lunch was about $12.99 and was amazing, btw.)

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The seating isn’t great, but avoiding peak hours helps, and I recall there being some outdoor seating, which would be pleasant in the right weather. That said, Captain Cook’s and Gasparilla Grill have way better seating.

We stayed at WL in January and ate at Roaring Fork our first night. Food was perfectly average. but what we did appreciate is that you order, pay, then go sit down. Our food was cooked to order and they brought our food out to us. Im not sure if this is standard procedure or just luck of the draw on a slow evening, but it was so much nicer than walking around with trays of food, trying to direct kids to a table and not spill anything along the way. lol

Thanks for the information about RF.