Are crowd levels correct for November?

I have been working on tentative plans for our upcoming trip (first one). I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the November calendar so I could finalized our plans and when they came out earlier this week, I noticed that the CLs didn’t change for the week I was planning on traveling. Is that correct? For example, prior to the release MK was a 1 on Nov 15. Disney moved morning EMH to that day and the CL has remained a 1 (I thought EMH might effect the CL). I hope it is right because it works great for my touring plan, but wanted to double check and make sure. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Also, I am really enjoying having access to all the info on the site!

Nothing is close to definite this far out. Expect crowd levels to change by a point or two (occasionally more), park hours to shift by an hour or two. By all means, make some tentative touring plans now (because it’s super fun to plan!), but readjust at 65 days, so your as up to date as possible before making FPPs.

Queries about the correctness of specific CL predictions are best sent to - they are usually quite quick to look into these things and get back to you.

Thank you both for the information.

You may wish to follow this thread because the same poser was asked there & Len promised to follow-up:

Thank you for the link.