Are coffee makers still in rooms at Pop?

Can anyone who has stayed at Pop during COVID confirm whether or not coffee makers are still in the room? I’m looking at you @ryan1 and @Randall1028.

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Yes. They were this little coffee makers that used these pods…not K-cups, but this flat pods.

We actually brought our own travel coffee maker, and ended up using that instead…but it is there.

I’ve stayed there several times but just wanted to be sure coffee makers were still there. Thanks for the fast response. I booked a trip yesterday when the discount came out that covered KY.

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Yeah. Early recommendations for hotels opening involved not having coffee makers…but I guess hotels abandoned that idea. The Comfort Inns that we stayed at on the way down and back from Michigan had in-room coffee makers as well.

Was package delivery from park gift shops to the resort or front of park available? Seems like it wasn’t initially but can’t find anywhere on the web site that says its been suspended now. Got flights for $171 so we are flying so don’t have to worry about road travel. Thanks again.

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I don’t know. I’ve never tried to use it. But I seem to recall just reading something in the past couple days that Disney has brought back a modified package pick-up where you can leave your purchase and pick it up at the same location as you purchased it. This suggests to me package delivery isn’t available…but again, I’m guessing.

I just messaged my TA. She says it’s back on. Thanks again.

Did u get a preferred room

No I’ve always done standard rooms and make a TP room request. 60’s and 70’s have standard rooms that are short walks to the lobby and skyliner, like literally on the other side of the preferred rooms. I was a 90 second walk to the skyliner in a standard room in December.

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Now I have a delima! I have a preferred, bc the first stay there were there AAAALLLLLLLL the way in the back. They dont have preferred with the offer u have (I’d be eligible too). Ill have to look into room locations now I just want to be closest to transportation, dont care about the rest. Were flying too or I would drive to the parks and not care about room location.

For our trip, I requested a standard room in 70’s, since it was close to transportation. And since we had two rooms, I requested that they be as close to one another as possible. Now my DS22 was booked for a preferred room, so we didn’t plan on being close to them.

But ultimately Disney noticed we were a group, and put all three rooms together in the preferred section, with two of the rooms adjoining. So, it ended up being better than our request. (Although, I’ll admit, the preferred rooms put you overlooking the pool, which can be noisy at times.) Anyhow, if you can make a request for a standard room in 60s or 70s, you’ll do fine. But since there is no guarantee, you might end up further away.

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Well according to the website it is still suspended, both to the front of park and back to the resort:

  • Delivery Option: Package delivery to the front of our theme parks or to Disney Resort hotels is suspended. However, shipping merchandise to Guests’ homes continues to be available.

Scroll right down on this page:

@Nickysyme What I found earlier on the US website said they delivered to the resort. My TA also said delivery is back on. Weird.

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Here is the news item I had read about this several days ago:

Thanks. So confusing.