Are buffets coming back?

Anyone heard if/when places like Crystal Palace, Biergarten, or BoG will return to their pre-COVID formats?

I know Disney will make changes when they make them and we’ll all be surprised, but is the general feeling they will keep their prix fixe menus through the summer or no?

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I would say yes. I’d probably expect them to keep most things in place for the rest of the year, personally.


The costs for operating a buffet are much lower than “family style” - even taking into account food waste. They’ll be back, but I’d imagine not in 2021

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I am unsure if BOG QS lunch will return.

You better not say we’re losing their breakfast too.


I love that breakfast!

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Pretty sure the cupcake and one cup of coffee for 8 guests crowd killed that.

That would be sad! I really liked going there for QS lunch. (Dinner, not so much.)


I didn’t realize it was gone! I love BOG dinner! I didn’t realize I could have dinner at lunch time! This is fantastic news!!!

(I mean, it is perhaps a little bit crazy to eat a three course steak meal at noon, but this definitely solves some planning challenges!)

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The Beast only walks through and waves these days but I believe he does this for both lunch and dinner now too.


You know, if they were more efficient at moving people through that wouldn’t be a problem. These people would spend longer waiting for their food than actually eating it.

After today’s CDC announcement regarding masks, I think they will be back at WDW sooner than that. Maybe not until the fall when they start ramping up for the 50th, though.


That original comment was made about a month ago, so I was going off the information at the time. The CDC was still saying vaccinated people still had to wear masks for the long-term / foreseeable future.

The QS lunch at BOG was my favorite lunch option at MK. I hope it is not gone forever. Getting to eat in my favorite Disney movie, and I loved the food options. My daughter was thoroughly disgusted that she was being served broccoli at WDW (but as a parent I was happy to see something other than fries as a kids’ side!) I don’t remember how old she was here

I hope they bring it back! The fancy dinner isn’t appealing to me, but I guess I’ll do it if I can get into my favorite castle again…


That face :joy:


I agree with her 100%.

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At that age, both of my kids would have far preferred a full plate of broccoli to a burger or hot dog. My 19yo will now eat almost anything but the 15yo still won’t eat meat…both still love broccoli.

If I have to choose meat or veggies, I will go w/ veggies.

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