Are adults allowed to eat off the children's menu?

Okay, this is a little embarrassing :flushed: But I’m a bit of a picky eater (and I’m also a small eater), and I’ve been finding a lot more appeasing options on the children’s menus than the adult ones.

Are Disney okay with adults ordering from the children’s menu? Or are they strict that it’s only for children? And does this change depending on whether its included in the DDP (we have the Quick Service Dining Plan) or you’re paying for it there and then?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that at quick service restaurants, when paying (not dining plan), they don’t blink if adults order from the children’s menu.

I don’t know if table service is more strict.

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QS credits are pooled and not split into adult/child. Everyone can order whatever they want.

Are you doing any TS? Most restaurants will allow you to order a kids meal, but not all.

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Thanks! Yes, I was planning on doing a few TS character meals so was browsing the menus.

We don’t use the DDP, but I often order off the kids menu. I’m not a big eater, and even less in the humid weather of Florida.

If my DH is with me, we split a meal.

I just don’t see the point of ordering tons of food we aren’t going to finish. I love the festival booths at Epcot, usually one item is about all I want to eat. LOL.

Disneyland isn’t so gracious about splitting meals or ordering off the kids menu. But WDW is great. (Although if it’s a character meal, be advised you’ll be paying adult rates)


My daughter’s 16 year old friend that went with us is very picky. Mores so than even my 4 year old. We had the dining plan and at several TS restaurants they made a modification for her, but still charged as an adult meal. For example at Mama Melrose she was able to get a pizza.

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Thanks! They’re helpful things to know :slightly_smiling_face: I’m happy to pay adult prices if I can get something I’d prefer to eat and enjoy.