Aquaduck question

Can my two kids ride together? They are both over 7, and both over 42", but neither one is over 54". I’m sorry if this is stupid question - here are the posted rules:

Riders should note that:

AquaDuck is designed for adults and children at least 42" or taller
Single riders must be at least 54" or taller
Children under 7 must ride with someone 14 years of age or older, provided the child is at least 42" tall
No snorkel equipment or swim goggles are allowed in the pool

I have no idea what aquaduck is…

I believe no, unless at least one is 14.

They not only can, but must. The logic is hard to follow isn’t it? Now, if one were under 7, then you’d be the one who had to ride with each of them.

Get there early, esp. on sea days. The lines can get long.

Is it scarey?

I didn’t think it was scary. There are a few little drops, but nothing crazy. It’s a lot of gun at night @jenniemouse the person in the back will get the most wet.

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