APs getting activated

So… I asked on chat with no help so I’m back here :slight_smile: If I can talked dh into letting me renew my/ds5s SPs AND if we can take a day trip in sat (my bday!!) how will I activate them AND make RD? Is that possible? I can get into the parking lot by 7:45 pending traffic! Any thoughts?? Thanks!!!

Have people said that guest services is not open before the park?

I thought they opened an hour before but I’m worried about getting the tickets, crossing the lake and getting in before show and masses… Am I just being nuts?

Is this MK?

I am going to add that I believe there are guest services at the gates in each park.

Yep… Just a quick day trip… Unless it’s easier at a different park to activate… Either way I can only assume I’m missing RD

Since it opens an hour before rope drop, you should have plenty of time. I activated mine at International Gateway, and then entered the park. MK has a GS on the right (outside the building where you rent lockers). I am just trying to remember, I think you go through bag check first.

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So I could go all the way to the “front” and get my passes activated then… That would work! I just remember a few years ago doing it at the TTC and it took forever and we ended up behind for the day! Guess I can’t complain when it comes to getting SPs huh?!? Thanks!!!

Oh, i was wondering the same thing!! I need to get my AP activated and have reservations at BOG at 8:50AM. So, since I will be checking into resort beforehand I can take the bus from there directly to MK, see GS and should be good to go! (i hope) :slight_smile:

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