April vs June 2022

Howdy all. Planning on moving my April 2021 spring break vacation to 2022 due to Covid and 50th Anniversary celebration. May 2022 is the 50th anniversary of my first trip when I stayed at the Poly. Going back to the Poly in 2022 but can’t travel in May as both kids will be in high school. Thinking either spring break (which is always the week after Easter) on the first full week in June. I have been over Easter previously and crowds will be heavy but improve as the week goes on. Lots of rain in Early June.

499 days from tomorrow is April 22nd 2022, so I would book a room only reservation soon. Thoughts or preferences?


I LOVE our April trips. The weather is perfect. Hot but not too, humid but not oppressive

That said, the Easter crowds scare me. They do, as you mention, dissipate as the week progresses.

Of course by early June everyone is out of school and the crowds build anyway.

I’m no help LOL

I was thinking the Wed after Memorial Day 2022 (steal the nephews trip). We’ve been in early June and it was warm but not late Aug/ early Sept oppressive. We didn’t notice major crowds either. The first weekend of June (I believe it was the 6th or 7th that year) crowds did start to build.

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Well I was hoping to go that week this past year. I was expecting crowds… but hopefully getting better as week went in, like you said. But the weather is why I would pick April. Last year it was def 80s already but I imagine better then June. And as someone who is also looking at 2022, I imagine it will be a BIG Disney year… so guessing crowds will be tough.

I would assume that every week will be busy in 2022. Agree about the weather. I may make reservations for both times and keep see-sawing back and forth for the next year!

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Yes— I think that’s right!

Cost is another issue. I’m planning on April but June looks better and better when I look at rack rates. I’m reserving 3 CL rooms at the Poly for the whole family and will save over $1000/day going in June.

April is a lovely time to visit, but not if it’s Easter week. We have been to Disney several times the first of June and have not found it crazy busy. It will obviously be hotter, but I would pick the first week of June over Easter week.

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Ive been twice last week of may first week of Juneish. I find its not oppressive hot, warm for sure but still nice. April is ideal weather but not if you have to fight heavy crowds.

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Are club level rooms available for booking in 2022?

Nothing is available for booking, yet. I called and 2022 not opened up yet, at all.

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