April Topolinos reservations

Is anyone having issues getting a topolinos reservation for April? I know it’s popular but I honestly feel like the restaurant hasn’t dropped their availability yet. Cast members say this is normal and that they are booked but I have a large 20 day vacation and have three family members who have been waking up at 6:00 to check for that 10th day opening for an entire week now. Nothing is coming up, not for dinner or breakfast. I have a trip planned for February during presidents week and had no problem snagging a reservation with that 10 day availability window for our 7th day. Anyone else in the same boat or have more info on this?

Two things come to mind.

  1. Topo’s is tricky and you will find more availability closer to your trip.
  2. Are you staying on site? I remember reading WDW is piloting a program to open availability to onsite guests. Topo’s is one of the restaurants in the pilot. I wonder if it decreases availability to off site guests.

I always have at least one ADR I cannot get at all, or get a decent time until closer to the trip. That was the case with 'Ohana in December. I could only get a reservation for after 9PM. I wasn’t able to modify to an earlier time until the day before. It was frustrating to be standing in line for rides trying to modify and ADR.

You can’t get anything at 60 + 10? That does feel unusual and like maybe they haven’t opened them yet. Have you set a reservation finder? If they haven’t opened yet that will alert you.

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That would make more sense to me, I wonder if they are doing that. I unfortunately think that’s a good idea, especially for dinner. People pay so much to stay there, I would be really bummed if I couldn’t have the convenience of eating where I’m lodging.

With how long my trip is, there has never been an issue with getting any reservation for the last ten days of the trip, but I suppose, can’t always get what you want. I’ve ate there and it was wonderful. I was just hoping my sisters and their kids could enjoy the breakfast. Such a fun experience!

I have been checking for few days too. Times finally loaded today for the first week in April. Hope you are able to get your reservation!

Wow you’re not kidding, for April 3 I have my choice of times for breakfast. Too bad I’m not going then!

Thank you guys for letting me know they loaded! I was able to get one for both my sisters families. Awesome!