April Memory Maker Share 2016

I’m organizing a memory maker share for March/ April. We have room for one more family. If your traveling between March 12th and April 12th, your dates will work with ours. The cost would be $25. I’ve organized three shares in the past few years. If your interested in a share and your dates are late March through April, please message me.

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My dates are Mar 12-19…would that work?

Yes, that would work.

Count me in…as well as two other parties going the same time as me.

O.K. Sounds good. I’m waiting to hear on another person, then we’ll have 5 families total going. I’ll get back with you on the details.

O.K. Just PM me the emails and first, last name the Disney account is in. I’ll email you with all the details. Right now we have 5 families, possibly six. That will be enough for a good share. I’ll invite everyone to share, then once we’re all connected, I’ll let everyone know the cost. People can paypal me, then I’ll send everyone the user name and password for the account. I’ll get this done this month so we’ll all be ready to go by our trip.

Are you full yet? Travel date is April 5th to 12th, 2016
love to join if you still have space.

Yes, we have room for one more. If you could PM me your email on MDE along with your first and last name the reservation is under, I’ll send you an invite. I’ll follow-up with an email on the next steps.

AWESOME THANKS. I sent the PM so hope you got it!

Any mid-April to early-May folks who would still be interested in a Memory Maker share? My dates are April 24-27. Never done a share before so I don’t know exactly how it works. Ideally I’d like to be the one who pays for the MM initially, but I’m open to other arrangements.

Newbie here, can you explain the memory share theory to me.

We’re headed May16-21 at the parks and have passed on the memory maker at this time due to the excessive cost.

Thanks for letting me hijack the thread a bit.

Banjoman & Hawkeyebec

You guys could essentially share the memory maker, but Banjoman would have to be the first to travel and Hawkeyebec would be the last. Any other families that join in would have to fall between the dates you two are traveling.

Once Banjoman took their 1st photo on April 24, you can only continue to take photos up until May 24. I’ve already emailed Hawkeye a PDF of info on a share, I’ll try to send it to you too Banjoman. If you go ahead and do a share, I’d start a new thread for travel between your dates…