April Dining Reservations

Wanted to describe my experience booking dining reservations to give an update on the current state of things. I was surprised that things were starting fill up even 4 days out from the start of my trip. I got up at 3a! Cali time to book for April 26th with my stay extending to May 2nd. Party of 2.

Mon Apr 26 - Beaches and Cream - Was able to grab an 815p but there were not options around the 7p timeframe I was looking for. Only 1 5p timeframe available now.
Tues Apr 27 - Chefs de France - A couple options available this morning, grabbed an 6:10p, but only early dinners available now.
Wed Apr 28 - Teppen Edo - Nothing available for dinner except 4:30p which was too early for us. Grabbed Biergarten instead and plenty of dinner availability there.
Thurs Apr 29 - Sanaa - There were only 2 open timeslots for dinner and I grabbed a 5:45p. Nothing available for dinner now.
Fri Apr 30 - SciFi Theater - A couple sporadic lunch times available, I grabbed a 11:20a. Only 1 slot available for lunch now and dinner is completely booked.
Fri Apr 30 - Oga’s - A couple lunch times available and I grabbed a 1p so we can wash our SciFi burgers down with some beverages. Still some sporadic times available for lunch, but definitely not plentiful.

When checking availability, definitely search for the Dinner time slot, and also the individual time slots as they sometimes produce different results.
Hopefully some of you find this helpful when planning your upcoming trip! Excited for our first Disney trip together and my first in 10 years!


Welcome to the forum. And have all the fun!!!

You got some good ADR’s. Those are indeed some of the harder to get ones. Congrats on returning to the World after 10 years, and welcome to the forum!