April after Easter week, or Early July? for crowds/heat?

Which would you choose the week after Easter in April or the first week or second, in July? Going to DW for first time w/two boys - ages 9 and 10. Hubby and I are teachers so we’re stuck w/the dates from our school. Our Easter break is the week AFTER Easter this year, so looked like it could be an option. Let me know your thoughts!! Otherwise we can go anytime in Summer… School ends June 23, so no early Junes…

We always like the weather in late April or early May. Still hot enough to swim but doesn’t have the humidity. And crowds are manageable. The only complaint we had is that several times any new ride or attraction seems to come out in late May, and we miss it until next visit.

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We went the first full week after Easter this year (starting April 27 when Easter was the 20th). Crowds were manageable and CLs were 2-4. It’s pretty warm 85-90 but lower humidity. I can’t imagine going in summer. It is love bug season though. They don’t bother me that much but I know many complain.

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You are looking the week of the 19th? That is NE school vacation. Usually Star Wars race is at the end of that week too? Or are you looking at the week of the 12?

It would be the week after easter – i have off from the friday before Easter, Good Friday, through the week after Easter - So basically I would say we could be there from April 13 - 20. I assumed the crowds were terrible that week, but I didn’t see 9’s or 10’s — thoughts? And, yes - there is a star wars marathon that week I think. Seems like there is always something… is that something to avoid?

I think that might be a good week.

So ive been planning same week. Same spring break. So far crowd levels are looking good and Ive been told the further you get away from Easter the better the crowds get!

I would pick the week after Easter simply for the weather. It might be hot but not July hot.

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My husband and I are both teachers and also had the same dilemma. We’ve decided to go the week after Easter. We’ve been in the summer and almost melted from the heat. We thought that slightly higher crowd levels would be manageable in cooler temperatures. The crowd levels don’t look too bad for that week. The only issue we had with planning was availability at Wilderness Lodge. There were no standard rooms available when we booked months ago!

I would do the week after Easter. We are considering going the same time next year (already have a res) and I watches crowds and wait times this spring the same time and it wasn’t bad at all. WIth Easter being later, that helps (though it’s not as late as it was this year). Most spring breaks are earlier. A few states in the NE (Mass, Conn. Vermont) have a break the following week (19-whatever) and the Star Wars Rival Run is April 18 & 19 next year, but looking at the crowd calendar that doesn’t seem to affect things much? Just avoid the race areas I guess.

ugh i Was thinking the race was the following weekend! My Sunday Epcot plans are probably not good then… i did sunday at food and wine… not a fan!