April 2023 Lack of Park Availability

Good morning, I (luckily) already have my park reservations set for our April 2023 vacation but I wanted to make a tweak and flip park days for MK and Epcot. I logged into my account to do this and 4/17 is showing limited availability, 4/18, 4/20, and 4/21 is showing no availability. But, when I log out and go to the “buy theme park tickets” section separate from my account I went in and looked at the calendar and it is showing that all of those days are open for all parks. Has anyone else run into this?

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If you already have an APR on a day it will show as grey unless you are able to modify.

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This is current availability per my view:

Here is what I mean (granted mine is AP but it can illustrate for you)

I already have an APR on the 6th so it is grey when I log into “make a park reservation”

But if I go to my current reservations and click “modify” I see it as some parks available.

I’m guessing you went into modify for the 17th so it shows limited but the other days show full because you already have APR on those days :grin:

Hopefully this makes sense.

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Yeah I went through this the other day. You can’t really modify since you can’t have 2 APRs. You do have to cancel one at least.

You are trying to have 2 APR’s on the same day? That isn’t possible. But when you modify it will show all available parks that you can switch to. Maybe tickets works differently than AP’s but I thought they were the same now :woman_shrugging:

Yes I figured that out. My point is you can’t really modify. You have to cancel one first. There should be a switch days option.

Just look at the availability calendar outside of your MDE. Like without logging in.

In any case I sent you a screen shot that shows all parks are available on all days. So go ahead and cancel so you can rebook. You have nothing to fear :wink:


I agree, modifying would be easier. I wasn’t concerned about not being able to make a new res if I canceled and then booked a new one, but swapping in one step rather than 2 would have been appreciated - especially since they changed our 5 person reservations to individual ones while we were there. So really it was 10 steps to change one APR.

I thought they had updated it to allow a modify button. Did that go as quickly as it appeared?

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