April 2023 - Is there a thread for people going during this time?

Just wanted to see if there was an existing thread where people could discuss April trips. I just got the notice from TP that our crowd levels were going up and wanted to commiserate. :smiley:


I think you just made one.


I’m cool with that! I did a search and couldn’t find anything but I didn’t spend an hour on it. :smiley:


I’ll be there in April! Staying at WL for the first time in 16 years…

Got the same email, but still should be good. April/early May is my absolutely favorite time to go!


I hope so. We went in 2012 (god I feel old) around Earth Day and it was an amazing trip. The lines weren’t bad, the weather was GREAT… it was such a good trip.

But now, with COVID revenge travel, and Tron opening (with a virtual queue no less, so it won’t even tie people up in line much), and the ways I’m hearing G+ has made standby lines actually longer… I’m so nervous. I don’t want to buy G+ and feed the voracious beast that Disney has become, it irritates me just on principle, but we will if that’s absolutely the only way we can get stuff done. My TPs hinge on rope drop and hoping that we are sufficiently past Easter/Spring Breaks when we go on 4/17.

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We’re also going end of April! I don’t put too much stock into crowd levels going up or down one or two points. Doesn’t actually mean much. Having a good plan is most important!

I’ve thought about starting my own thread, but I’d rather share here. I’m taking my DS10 for our 3rd mother-son trip (and last one, since it’s truly impossible to schedule any trips around his sports anymore). Plus I have another DS6 who I should probably take too! We’re staying at YC, so I am planning on lots of HS and Epcot time. Plus TRON of course! And lots of afternoon or evening swims. I am not super excited about YC, but the location + pools sealed the deal for me for his age.

I went through all the attractions with him a few days ago and made my list. He is refusing to go on dumbo and the carousel with me, can you believe it? He also has no clue why anyone would want to eat in a table service restaurant. :joy: I’m forcing him to do a couple. He’s my little Disney warrior, never complains no matter how much we walk, so I am excited! During lockdowns (we are from Canada) we were so sad about missing everything I promised him this trip. So hopefully it will actually happen!


Do you think Touring Plans are still reliable these days? I made some, but I keep seeing people (not here, other forums) saying they can’t be relied upon anymore. :confused:

I never go by them 100%. I just make them so that I have some clue of what order I should be doing things in. It’s usually what I’d do myself, but I like having the confirmation, lol. With Genie+ I don’t think there is a way to make a TP in advance that you would exactly follow. I feel lucky that I’m fairly experienced with Disney and that DS10 is old enough to be flexible!


I’m heading for a quickie trip at the end of April. Not too worried about crowd levels, I’m focused on Tron and food. :joy:


I totally get this… and felt the same at the start. But I had three highly successful trips due to G+ last year… at high crowd levels. Except for paying for it, it made for a much more pleasant trip than FPP ever did for me. The ability to stack is key, especially at HS. I don’t bother for AK or EP generally, but even just being able to snag one and go and even skip a 20-30 minute line immediately makes it worth it for me.


I know people love stacking for later in the day and I might be more willing to do it if we could do that, but most of our riding is going to be before lunch. Since we’re traveling with kids, the plan is to do rope drop, take 2-3 hours during the day for lunch/nap and leave the parks by 6. We have two days at EP, so I’ve divided the park in half and am hoping that’s enough, but our small group will be there for AK and EP before the bigger group arrives, so I’m hoping that will give us a feel for what we will be able to accomplish without G+. We can always add it I guess.

We’re also hoping to get DAS for our family, and I’m thinking if we do, and we can at least just do the two advance picks, that might take some of the pressure off.


I agree that it’s worse for little kids. Before my plan was always to do a few rides a RD, then have my 3 FP stacked, then do whatever other FP we could get or shows. Then back to the hotel for pool time and bed.


Yeah - we like to minimize walking, and I feel like, to truly maximize G+, you have to be willing to do a lot of doubling back and retracing steps. But I’ve yet to use it, so maybe that’s a misunderstanding on my part. I preferred FP because I could choose the time I wanted based on where we’d be in the park.

Yep, it would be awful to force a younger child to walk back and forth across the park! Hopefully it will work out. Have you looked at thrill data yet? There’s lots of info there on what time LL are available that can help somewhat with planning.

Who said anything about the child? It’s awful to force ME to walk back and forth across the park. :rofl:


That’s also a good point!

We’ll be there in April! It’s our favorite time to go. We get to celebrate my bday and our anniversary. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We will be there the beginning of April too, celebrating our anniversary!


Hubby & I will be there April 16- 21 - also celebrating our anniversary :+1:

First stay at Pop - incredibly excited!


We will be there the same week, same hotel! :slight_smile: