April 2023 Crowds (Some say yay, some say nay)

So I had always heard that the end of April is a good time to go for both weather and crowds, but I know that COVID has changed a lot of things and things aren’t as predictable as they used to be. TouringPlans doesn’t go out as far as I need right now, so I’m planning based around April 2022 predictions at this point. I went before in late April, pre-COVID, and don’t remember it being bad at all. TP says it’s going to be fantastic, showing a 4 as the highest crowd level on one of our proposed days.

But when I search on YouTube, a lot of people are saying that April is a mess with some of the worst crowds of the year. I think they are meaning early April, mostly. In 2023, Easter falls on 4/9, and I’ve read some rationales about how Easter placement affects crowds, but I admit I don’t really understand it. I do know the hotel we’re staying at (Poly) is booked solid for April this year because my TA wasn’t able to give me a price estimate based on 2022 data and said it was because the hotel was booked.

What are your thoughts on April 2023?

We always go end of April. It’s our preferred time to visit. I would say crowds have usually been moderate - definitely not low and definitely not crazy. July was much worse.

Covid has changed a lot of things and I do think it’s harder right now to make these kinds of predictions. I think the other thing is that some people may be trying to visit during the 50th anniversary celebration which would give a boost to crowds (though i’m not sure I buy into this all that much as it feels like the 50th has fallen flat really in a lot of ways).

I think April is a great time to go. Avoid Easter and you’ll be fine - especially the further after the holiday you travel.

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Yes, I think that there is very seldom a ‘low crowd’ time at Disney anymore. So maybe moderate crowds are the best we can hope for.

We are rolling the dice for the first week of April…not sure if you have the flexibility of choosing when in April. There are some Georgia Spring Breaks that week; however…


Not Florida Spring Break
Most college Spring Breaks are over
Run Disney Over April 3rd
Cheerleader competition does not occur until late April
Two-weeks BEFORE Easter


The general schadenfreude and unpredictability as a result of Covid
Crowd calendars are not simpatico with each other on their predictions this week
Ticket prices that week reflect higher crowd expectations

As for the last week, I know there are the aforementioned Cheer competitions and I know my high school daughter is heading down there with her chorus and other school groups are going as well.

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The weather is usually delightful in April. Springtime Surprise (RunDisney,) will be the first week in April and yes of course Easter the second week. Late April would be my choice.

Plus- EP Flower and Garden as others may have mentioned. EP is always nicest during F&G.

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We’ve been the last week in April several (4?5?) times and are going again this year. It’s usually wonderful weather and moderate crowds. This year, I’m expecting higher crowds since everything’s been thrown for a loop but generally it’s been a great time to go!


I generally consider spring break crowds to be from mid-March to mid-April. Late April won’t be low crowds (there doesn’t seem to be low crowds anymore, that’s in any way predictable), but more manageable than spring break.


Last week of April 2021 was moderate in terms of crowds for us. Loved that timing!

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The Poly has been on my bucket list for my whole life and it looks like that’s where we are going to try to stay when we go. Based on your username, I was wondering if you had any tips for first-timers to get the most out of the hotel experience!