April 2021?

As we all struggle with hoping for future plans…is there any reason to think that April 2021 would not have some restrictions?

I think it would be too early for a vaccine?

I am just trying to be realistic and reasonable in my planning and I currently have a reminder on my calendar to book a DVC reservation at 11 months.

From what Fauci and Birx have said, it doesn’t sound like there will be a vaccine until the 2021-22 viral season.

Really hard to predict what will happen in the next 11 months.

My big blowout 40th birthday trip is scheduled for the end of April 2021, so I am sure hoping things are relatively normal by then!!

I’m also challenged with dates. I am canceling a 2020 late June trip and figuring out whether to try the week before Easter or August next year.

I’m not there if there will be another wave next year this same time, which makes me lean toward August.

What’s your home resort? Do you have any leeway in that rooms may still be available up until closer to 7 months? I’m booking a March 2021 DVC stay tomorrow am. Worst comes to worst I can cancel, I’m not using borrowed or banked points to book it. I just don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting the room.

I have a end of September long weekend stay booked with 2019 banked points but I still have about 24 2019 banked points I will need to use before August 21. A majority of them at BW. I guess I will book a couple of nights at BW at 11 months, I can cancel/bank by end of March any 20 UY points. It is just that there are so many points floating out there.

Every time I lose a reservation the points get more complicated. As it is, I will not use any of these reservations, I am giving them to family.

I hope it ends up working out for you. It’s so hard to navigate with our eyes effectively closed. Would it be worth it to convert the points into RCI?

I’m worried about the same thing. Postponing our 10 year anniversary + my 40th bday bash from this April to next and hoping for the best. :persevere:

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I think if is open my son will use the points so I will hope for that.

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I know this isnonlynone perspective, but it kind of hits on mynfears for next April a bit.