April 2021

Ok. So I know this is super futuristic! Plus I’ve booked a Bounceback for August next year. But, if Easter falls on April 4th would a trip from 4/11-4/17 be huge for crowds? I expect more crowds because of the anniversary, but is this really a no go time. Looking to save for a deluxe in 2 years so just trying to figure out if it’s worth it. We can’t go in August again that year because my youngest will be entering high school and sports tryouts are always 2 weeks before school starts up north. My husband and son will have my head if I have him miss soccer tryouts.

Easter 2020 = April 12, 2020.

I went this year the week after Easter and the crowds were pretty ok / mid-level. (TP said CL 4, but it felt a bit higher)

Leading up to it though the people who did trip reports from Easter week, right before I left, said it was pretty busy, but not insane. I looked at the historical crowd calendar and the days right after Easter weekend in 2019 reported CL 6 - 8, which seems pretty accurate from what was reported.

I went the week after Easter this year (Easter was 4/20 and trip started 4/27). Crowds were low. I say it should be fine.

The OP aid asking about 2021 when it would be 4/4.

Because it is earlier, there is a strong possibility that more schools will have that week after out for Spring Break. When it is later, schools often have Break earlier and just a long weekend for Easter making the crowds after smaller. But with it being that early in 2021 there is a good possibility of larger crowds.

This is what I get for hopping on TP before bed! :sleepy:

Thanks. I’m trying to figure out if they would have the week after Easter off and if I would be ok going 2 weeks after. But, with it being that early, I wonder if kids won’t have break around Easter and have it late. Ugh!

That’s the time of year when most places will have it the week before or the week after. Most places are more likely to change break if Easter is really late. I don’t think I’ve heard of them changing it because of Easter being early.

NYC is the only place I know of that will have it later IF Easter and Passover don’t match up, which happens on occasion. A couple of years ago it was trip heaven because Passover (NYC Spring Break is always based on Passover - we get Good Friday off at Easter if they don’t match) was so late in April that tourist places (including Disney) had gone back to their not peak rates.