April 2021 vs. July 2021

Good afternoon, hope everyone out there is staying safe and healthy. We were scheduled to go on our trip in July 2020 but I just don’t think its going to happen. I don’t want this to devolve into a argument about should it or shouldn’t it, it’s just that even if it is open I want to get the full experience of fireworks, parades, character meet and greets etc. Assuming those are all back by a year from now (could be a big assumption but I am leaning towards optimism) would you all pick going in mid to late July or going during April school vacation? My wife works in the school system and my work is typically busy in August so really April or July are the two time periods that would work best. I know the heat in July is next level, but last time we went it was September and over 95 degrees every day so really that’s not a factor because we can deal with that.

April! I love Flower & Garden. But that may not be a factor for everyone. I’m a flower person so I adore the topiaries and gardens.

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I’ve been in April. The CLs were manageable - definitely in the CL8+ with queues for Space at 90 minutes and 7DMT at 120+

The weather was beautiful though. I’ve never actually been June / July - so I can’t speak to it.

A good TP will put you ahead of 85%+ of the people wandering around asking, “Well… what do you want to do next?” So with good planning and slightly lowered expectations of what you can do, it’s very manageable to still see a lot! Have a Magical time!

Do they do the Early Morning Magic option during peak times like in April? We were set to do that this July and my thought is that could help alleviate crowd issues if we do it in April.

Yep! In 2019 EMM was on five different dates. (2, 9, 14, 21, 28) It was only at MK though. There hasn’t been a EMM at DHS / TSL since SW:GE opened.