April 2019 Crowd Calendar Update?

Anyone know if there is a crowd calendar update scheduled for this week?


It’s got to be coming. Wait times have already been adjusted if you hit evaluate. They usually do that a few days before.

Feeling less crazy. That is what I thought had happened but wasn’t playing close enough attention to confirm. Thank you!

I got an update a few weeks ago

I think that was just for SWGE August or later.

What dates are you looking for. Mine was for April.

April and June. I knew there was a March 11th update. Just didn’t know if anyone had heard murmurs of an April update. Not sure how carefully I was looking but I think one of my days may have gone down 1. Not a big deal. Just holding off on printing anything for April.

Some of my April days changed today

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Looks like the just pushed it through. I didn’t get an email though like usual.


I got another update this afternoon

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why do the updates never have crowd levels going down? Too popular i guess. Started at a crowd level of 4. now at an 8. oh well. Still disney, so still good.

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Actually last update they did

you had a level go down? Congrats!

LAST time.

This time? Back up to where they were :joy::joy:

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I got an update for May today. Mine went up slightly.

Mine for May went up by a couple of points on the lower CL days, sadly. Fortunately the Memorial Day weekend ones didn’t go up but that’s only because there’s no “11” probably :rofl:

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Some of my May 7-14 dates went up 2 levels. I’m fully expecting another jump up in May when they release more updates. Sigh.

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My Animal Kingdom days all went down for October which was nice. :sunglasses:

Week after 4th of July is slightly down right now

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