April 2017 - Star Wars Race Weekend

Hello all !
First time poster!
We have a big group planning on running the 2017 Star Wars race at WDW. (April 20-23) Looking like 8-10 people with 3-4 kids

Couple questions

  1. When will hotel booking be available for these dates? Is there a hard/fast rule?
  2. This will be the weekend AFTER Easter. What do crowds generally look like?
  3. We are both ‘high rise downtown Chicago’ residents, and really like to eat great food, and have a drink at night and walk around after…hotel recommendations?

Welcome @ekurob21.

You can book a room only reservation now, but packages won’t be released until mid summer, and discounts won’t be out until late fall or early winter.

That time of year is still in Spring Break mode, it likely won’t be as crazy as Easter but the races themselves bring in quite a big crowd. See how it plays out this year and that will give you an idea of what to expect.

Where you stay doesn’t really play much part in where you can eat other than convenience. If you stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Grand Floridian, Beach/Yacht Club, Boardwalk, or Contemporary you’ll have easy access to a signature restaurant. If food is a decent part of your trip I’d recommend an Epcot resort that will put you within walking distance of World Showcase in Epcot as there are so many good dining choices in the various countries there.

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nothing to add about the race but wanted to give you a hearty welcome @ekurob21!!!

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Thanks @outer1 and @quicha !!!
You can’t book those days on the website, so I guess I gotta call!

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