April 2016 Park Hours

Does anyone know when USO & IOA hours will be posted for April 2016? I know I have time, but I’m anxious to start planning our days at the parks with touringplans. :smile:

I see Disney has already announced their discounts thru April of next year, any idea when Universal will announce their discounts or specials for 2016? Or any new discounts for those who hold the American Express card? I recently read somewhere you can use AMEX points to buy the unlimited express passes. Did I read that right?

Hi Minnie. Yes you can buy 2 day unlimited express passes through membership rewards points

Hi a_pchief,

Wow awesome! Thank you for letting me know. That will definitely help us save some money towards our vacation next April.

The April 201 hours for Universal Orlando still have not been posted and it is now the end of December. Any ideas on when they will post these? I looked at the 2015 hours but only have one day to go to the park and if it is not 8-9 or 8-10 I don’t think it is worth our time going.

I agree. We are there a week in April & was hoping for the park hours by now. Sure hope they stay open late or I’m going to feel like we are not getting our monies worth like at the Disney Parks.

We are there in April as well. Avoid all the Fridays as its grad bash and parks will close at 6 https://www.universalorlandoyouth.com/Grad-Events/Events/Default.html. WE are onsite for 4 nights but it is frustrating. Saturday 16th is last Mardi Gras so will be open until 9/10 ish that night but remember no cinematic Spectacular on event nights. Based on last years hours both parks should be open until 10 for the week after Easter and 9 on Mardi Gras nights but will be busy. Off peak pricing for hotels kicks in again the 12th April so expect shorter park hours from then.

Thanks. Your information is very helpful. Luckily we are there April 2nd-9th with no plans on being in the parks on Friday or Saturday.

Sorry but Uni won’t release that info until much closer. The hours in our crowd calendar are our best guess based on historical data. Remember that when the hours are shorter, the lines are too. With a touring plan & arriving at rope drop you should still be able to see everything in the day.

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Good to know. Thank you.

As info, Universal has their April hours posted on their website now.

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Thank you for letting me know. Now I can finish planning out our days at the parks. ; )

I followed the link and it looks like they are offering park tickets, not express passes.