April 17 week Magic Kingdom open time?

The official WDW open/close schedule ends on 4/6, and Magic Kingdom opens at 9 am for most of 2022, including the last weeks that are scheduled. touringplans.com is predicting an 8 am MK start for most of the week of 4/17. I’m guessing that’s because MK opened at 8 am for most of Spring 2021.
Since the start time is scheduled at 9 am for the March 2022 Spring Break weeks, am I the only one thinking that continuing on with 9 am feels more likely? Do you think I should be planning for a 9 am open or an 8 am open? I’m not sure I’d get to the park any earlier, but I might be able to get more LL reservations before I arrive if I can grab the 2nd one at 10 am instead of 11 am.


I think 8am is more likely due to Easter rush.

Yeah I’d plan for that just in case. I airways have plan A, plan B…in my head of course.