Applying a PH Offer to an existing Room Reservation

I am aware that this can be done via MDE depending on availability, and I have been trying to do so several times per day. Even though there is availability at the Room Rate, there is none under the PH Offer. Here is my question: Has anyone been successful at applying a special offer to a Room Reservation by calling WDW when they were unable to do so on MDE?
(I detest trying to get through to WDW on the phone, but I will if it means saving $! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Worth trying but probably not. The inventory you see is the same as they see.

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I figured as much.

For what it’s worth, I’ll share as I was asking about this earlier. My DDs age 5 and 9 currently have AP but I do not. I am not able to see PH offers on the website, but they were perfectly willing to apply the PH rate to our reservation over the phone. Aha, I thought, once it is on our reservation maybe I can use the “change” option to see PH rates for other resorts. No dice. I completely don’t get the rationale on this. If we are eligible with their APs on my account, let me see the options please. But glad they let us have it anyway.

Okay. My brain must be in low gear. I can’t read that any other way than Park Hopper Offer. What does PH mean here?



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Ah! Of course! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Sorry, I forgot my proper acronyms there for a moment!

Not a problem. It was just, you know how if you get the WRONG thing stuck in your head, you can’t get anything else to replace it? My brain was kind of stuck in that mode. It just refused to see PH as anything BUT Park Hopper! :slight_smile:

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So, are you saying there WAS availability on MDE for the rooms you were looking at under the AP offer, or are you saying there was no availability, but they applied it over the phone anyway? Or, do you not know because you couldn’t load the offer on your MDE?

I didn’t know if there was. Since I don’t personally have an AP right now, I guess, if I click on passholder offers I get shunted to the page about (but not selling) AP’s.
I had booked another offer and then called to ask if the AP offer could be applied instead.

Sorry it doesn’t really apply to your original question, but it’s info I couldn’t find elsewhere so thought someone might be able to use it. My guess is if you can see AP offer availability they won’t have any more to offer via phone than the website.

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Thank you!

I was trying to get a PH rate applied to one of my stays… MDE and cast member both said same thing. Not available.

But I continued checking every day or two and, eventually, got the rate to pop up on MDE.

Check one month out (when package deals are cancelled) and again 5 days out (when room only reservations are cancelled)


All booking is very dynamic. That’s why if you don’t get what you want on the first time, keep trying until you do

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Me, too. Glad someone asked.

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That’s excellent news!