App Sharing Question

I have a trip planned in September and have created the plans myself and downloaded the app on my phone for access in the parks. My question is, can the other adults on the trip with me (husband, daughter, son in law) download the app on their phones and access the plans by logging into app using the same log in information? I don’t want to always be telling them what we are doing next! Thanks!

Should work. My wife is signed into TP on her phone using my login info.

Yes. They can log in using your info. But be careful. They can also accidentally change stuff up.

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It might be safer to just write on their hands with a Sharpie. I have a hard time with others having the ability to accidentally change or delete plans I worked so hard to craft


If it is a concern that people might fiddle, one good tip for basic info is to take a screen capture of FastPasses or a simple cheat sheet you create and then make that everyone’s phone lock screen background or for the day.

Saves your phones from having to connect to data/WiFi and use battery, always right there when you need it.

Okay thanks everyone! Good advice!