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I use from my first orlando vacation touring plans (from the Mikey web site, now out off service); yor site is full off usefull information and I buyed a year suscription.

I have two problems:

First Im not staying in the disney accomodations.
When your application give park suggestions they suggest normaly parks with Specials hours (for disney guest)
Is clear that this is ok for disney guests but it not ok for non disney guests.
This means that your application is biased to diney accomodation guest or Im making an error?

Second. I made my personalized plan (avoiding the specials hours) and optimizing them about 15 days ago (my plan is forr 14 days from 07/11/2016), and make a plan to obtain fp+ as suggested. Now when im going to make the suggested fp+ reservations your application present to me a completly different timing and a different fastplan suggestion.

This is normal?

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Fabrizio Cuturi

It is normal for touring plans to be updated as new data comes in, and Disney has been making lots of changes that affect the ways the crowds form and flow recently, so there has been (and probably will continue to be, for awhile) lots of new data. There are still new attractions that haven’t opened yet in 3 of the parks, so the predictions there will have a little more margin for error until they’ve been open for awhile.

As a rule I ignore the “suggested” parks. I use the crowd levels and my personal preferences (for instance, if I want to see the evening parade at Magic Kingdom I prefer to visit on nights when there is a second evening parade because it’s less busy, or if I’m staying at two different hotels I’ll want to visit the parks that are closest to the hotel I’m in that particular day) to decide where to be on any given day. I almost NEVER use early extra hours, and rarely use evening hours even though I always stay in Disney accommodations.

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I rarely stay at Disney accommodations, but touring plans still has a whole lot of information for you to use! This site is definitely not just for on site people.
Tips for staying outside Disney and having a great time:

  • Avoid Morning Extra Magic hours parks at all costs. Always.
  • Allow 30 minutes more to anywhere at least.
  • Arrive with your tickets already in hand before rope drop, if necessary, visit Disney Springs the day before and get your actual physical tickets the day before. You don’t want to head to ticket booths at Rope Drop!
  • Arrive before park opening (Rope Drop or RD) ALWAYS!!!
  • Remember you’ll have to pay for parking, budget that in because that really adds up quickly!!!
  • Pick your park based on crowd levels, not on suggested park.
  • Always write down your parking row & section number and a rough estimate of what level of the row you’re in… I walked by my car so many times.
  • Ask as many questions as you need to right here! We’re here for you!!!

Many thanks for the response and suggestions.

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