App keeps closing

I just installed the lines app for our upcoming trip and it shuts down as soon as I open it. I tried on wifi, off wifi, reinstalled, I am at a loss… Any ideas?

A force reboot on your phone might be the first step to try. Also is your phones firmware up to date ? What are you using?

I reset the phone. It’s a galaxy s9… Everything is up to date. It seems like app downloads in less than a second. I am thinking it might be an issue with the play store.

Sorry I don’t have much else to point you towards. Good Luck

Saw this bit of generic advice for crashing apps on androids - " Settings > Apps , select the glitchy program from the list, and tap Clear cache . The next time the app loads, it will have to refresh its data, which should erase the corrupted bits. If this doesn’t do the trick, tap Clear data on the same screen as the Clear cache option."