Aph hotel discounts

Hi Everyone, Currently trying to decide if I should get an annual pass to take advance of hotel discounts. I’m having a really hard time finding which hotels have discounts when. Is there somewhere that lists the dates and hotels where APH discounts are currently offered? Or is there a specific link / website that is easiest to use? Our dates are pretty flexible

Also, we will be 5 people in 1 room. I only need to buy 1 annual pass right? Even what i read about activating it before check in seems complicated, it seems they will not send the pass to you in advance? Am I missing something?
Universal newbie here, I’ve got WDW figured out but I’m struggling with UNI so far.
Thanks everyone!!!

Scroll past the other perk stuff and the next option is hotels. They usually release the dates about 3 months before. Yes you only need one AP. If they ask to see it at check in, just show them the proof you bought it.

Universal is much easier than WDW!


How long are you staying and how many days are you visiting the parks?

Look alike we will be there 6 Nights and prob 4 days in the parks including Volcano Bay

You could save money on buying a Season Pass or Power Annual Pass depending on when you are going as there are black out dates for those passes. You’d break even or come close to with tickets AND save money on the hotel rooms. Just a note that hotel discounts for UOR AP are a little less frequent than Disney’s meaning you won’t be guaranteed to find discounts on your trip. My luck is hit or miss sometimes, check the above link about three months out from your trip for discounts.

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