AP Upgrade Success: the Disney Do-Over, this time with fewer hurricanes (please?)

I just got off the phone with Disney and am so tickled I have to share!

We are in the middle of planning a trip we’re calling the Disney Do-Over. We had a trip last year, supposedly for 6 days in the parks, during the last week of September immediately following our DisneyDish on the Disney Wish cruise.

Unfortunately! Hurricane Ian also elected to cruise on by Orlando during that week, closing the parks for a couple of days. Disney extended the remaining days on our tickets so that they didn’t expire until the end of September 2023, and we eventually opted to plan a return trip earlier in September for this year.

We’d been messing around, trying to figure out how best to add a few more days to our tickets, since we now had 4 day tickets but 8 hotel nights, when it finally occurred to me to ask if we were eligible to do an AP upgrade now that they are selling APs again.

We are DVC members so we qualify for the Sorcerer’s pass, and have had the equivalent pass in pre-Covid times. It took me two phone calls and several "let me put you on hold"s from two different cast members but in the end we WERE able to convert to APs, they credited us the full amount for our previous tickets, AND agreed not to back-date the passes to last September 2022. :smiley:

Huzzah! Now we have APs that will be good through early September 2024, and for less than we would have paid to add 4 days to our current stay via regular tickets.

Now if we can just manage a hurricane-less stay, the Do-Over will get Done in high style! :smiley:


That’s a pretty rad deal you got there!

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I am very impressed!!!

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Congrats! I’d be stoked!

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