AP upgrade process

We want to upgrade our POR package park tickets to APs for our trip that starts this weekend.

Can customer service do that over the phone before we go?

If it has to be done in person, I know we have to do that at a park or DS guest relations.
Can we do that before we check in, or do the tickets have to become “active” at check in before upgrading?
Thinking about stopping at DS on the drive in.

You can do it before you check in, in person at guest relations outside any park or at DS. No online or on the phone. Other than waiting in line at guest relations, it takes about 5 minutes.

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You can upgrade the tickets at any point before they expire. It’s a simple stop at Guest Services before entering (or inside) a park.

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Just did this in may–you cannot do it by phone or online but any GS can do it either before you use the ticket outside park or at DS or after in the parks as long as you still have a day left on the ticket (even if it’s the current day). Easy peasy.