AP Upgrade dilemma

I figure if any one has a solution this is the place…
going in August…upgrading previous unused passes to aps
usually you cant do this but due to strange circumstances Disney is allowing me…so appreciative
anyway…plan is to arrive, upgrade passes (which must be done in person) and check in
problem: cant reserve fp+ w/o admission…meaning cant reserve fp+ til i arrive…bye bye pandora, mine train, frozen etc
only one day left on unused passes
i was actually considering flying down just to upgrade…silly money

If you’re thinking of flying down just to upgrade, it seems like you have a good deal of discretional income. Just buy the AP separately and use the unused passes for FPP.

nope…no discretional income here…it was a facetious comment but didn’t come across that way…only one day left on unused thanks though

I’m confused, how can you have one day left if the tickets are unused? Do you mean you used the tickets on a previous trip but didn’t use the last day? Are these the old “no expiration” tickets?

Depending on the length of your stay I’m thinking you could purchase park tickets for the amount of days you have planned so that you can reserve FPP for the trip then use the unused day tickets to account for part of the remaining difference in the upgrade. Not sure if this would be possible, but it sounds like you already had conversations about upgrading the unused ticket. I would make sure you have your calculations including tax handy at Guest Services to make sure the numbers align.