AP- to renew or not to renew

Background for the Experts: I currently have an AP that will expire in August. I was anticipating renewing, but then realized it would be better to wait until February on the next planned trip, book a package, then bridge that ticket to starting fresh with the AP then. Now it looks like the February trip won’t happen, though I will be going next summer for DD’s graduation trip.

Question: because that trip is so close to when the renewed AP would expire, and I have no other feasible trips between now and then, clearly renewing is not a good plan now. BUT, if I purchase an AP when I get ready to book that trip, even though it’s not activated yet, would I still have access to see what AP room discounts are available & take advantage of them for next summer? I’m certain this has been asked and I think the answer is yes, but I wasn’t searching with the right words I think and it wasn’t popping up for me.


Once you purchase the AP (wait at least a month after your current one expires) you can see all the passholder rates.

And it won’t activate until I actually use it, right? So if I bought it in September or October but we don’t go until July, the effective start date for the AP is July?

It does not activate until you go to GS and activate (unless you renew- that is why you need to be outside the renewal window).

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Perfect! Thanks!!