AP Room Discounts?

Hi! I’m a new AP holder and not exactly sure of how it all works. Likely making a return trip in October with my DS4. From what I can tell, the current AP room discounts are valid through July. I think? When does Disney release room discounts for the fall, and how will I know when that happens?

If this is covered somewhere already, please direct me to the right place. I’m not used to Forum quite yet and wasn’t exactly sure how to see if this question has already been answered.

Thanks so much!

I go to the Passholder pages in MDE (through a browser- under my icon) and I see this offer.:

they are already out, but if you are staying at a value, the regular public discount is better than the AP or Florida resident discount. I qualify for both and they both cost me more than the regular public offer. Probably would have been better if we were staying moderate or deluxe, though.

Thanks @nevahuddleston. We always stay at a value resort (Pop), and the current Orbitz code seems to be the best money saving option for me at this point. Thanks for the heads up- was hoping there would be more savings using AP, but in the end it doesn’t matter. As long as I can find the best deal! :slight_smile:

Thank you!