AP room discounts offered over holidays?

We have two upcoming trips, over Thanksgiving and Spring break. Does anyone know if Disney has offered room only AP discounts over holidays in the past? We have 9 park days planned and right now the AP will save us $19. Also, I looked at TiW and it has black out dates over Thanksgiving so I don’t know if it would be a savings for us. If we add the dining plan to our April trip, is the cost the same for AP holders? Thanks!

I do not know the answer but I was wondering too so I am responding hoping to move this up to a “latest” thread. Are AP rates always offered?

Last year the AP discounts went through check-ins the weekend before Thanksgiving, I believe. They were not available on the actual holiday. There was also maybe a week in early April that the discount was not available. Our spring break was late March, and we got the discount.

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