AP Room Discount Before Activation Clarification

Ok, I’ve seen this type of question but I’m not able to deduce a clear answer.

I’ve purchased an AP online through WDW and it is already linked to my MDE account. I know I can make a room reservation with an AP discount. Is that good enough to check in and get the discount or do I need to have it activated first? We arrive late on night one and won’t be able to get to guest services at a park until the next morning. I don’t want to get to the hotel and find out I can’t use the discount because it hasn’t been activated!

Just looking for some clarification. Thanks a bunch!

Yes you can book a room with the AP rate and check in before activation.I have done this multiple times. I usually get the AP green card (you do not need one) and link to my MDE account for 6 months before my trip. Then I use the discount on the shop app and book a room. I activate after check in.


That’s exactly what I needed! Thanks!!!

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Is it still possible to check in prior to AP activation?

I have the same issue as @DisneyBergh. Booked the AP rate for 9/1/ - 9/6, but my flight lands at 11:35 pm so I won’t even be on Disney property until 1 am (at the earliest).

I know they see your AP. I did not have to pay for parking on entry to the parks on my first day before activating my AP since they saw it in my profile when they scanned my band.

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We had no issues with this on our trip!!! Checked in (online and got room assignment via text, didn’t even go to desk) night before activating AP. It’s attached to your account and you can make FP+ before its activated too. Did the same thing again this year with DW’s AP. So I think you’ll be good to go.


Thank you! I have been able to make FP+ with my AP so I can tell it is attached to my account. I also plan on doing online check in.

I spoke with a Disney agent online via the chat feature on the WDW website. He was surprised that I could reserve a room with AP discount without an active AP, but didn’t think there was an issue as long as I arrived at the hotel that day. However, my flight is scheduled to land at 11:35 pm on my check in day so there is no way I can make it to my WDW hotel before midnight. Disney should already know that because I have a Magic Express reservation in place which has my flight information. Additionally, my mother is sharing the room with me and her flight lands several hours earlier on the same day. She would like to access the room prior to my arrival of course. The recommendation was to call the hotel in advance and have them note on the reservation that I would not be arriving until after midnight. I’ll report back after I contact the hotel.

When you did online check in did you set that time? I don’t understand them telling you to call the resort. Even when you call from the room to the desk it goes to a call center.

There is an option during online checkin to note you will arrive at 11:30pm or after midnight.

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The Disney agent recommended that I call AKL so that they can make a note on the reservation along with noting on the online check in that I will be arriving after midnight. He gave me the phone number of AKL. I’m not sure if it is the direct number, but it is different than the number listed on the website for reservation questions.

I have not done online check in yet or called AKL. I was waiting in case we changed our hotel. We have finally settled on AKL so I’ll do that today.

What number did he give you? The general call center?

407-938-3000, I’m not sure if that’s the general call center.

I started my online check in, but I can’t edit the Resort Arrival field. It says Disney’s Magic Express and can’t be edited.

I don’t know if this is standard for reservations with DME. I was able to add my estimated arrival times on my last trip for both legs of a split stay. However, we weren’t arriving via Magic Express.

Are you taking magical express? If you are they know when you are arriving.

Yes, I am taking Magic Express. We had to call them to add the ME information because my mother and I are on separate flights. So they know she is landing at 6:30 pm and that I land 5 hours later at 11:35 pm.

Then you should be all set!

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