AP Resort Discount for Fall--Release Date?

AP Resort Discount for Fall–Release Date? Anybody know when this might be released?

I don’t know if we can count on past history. Usually they are released after a general public discount.

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I agree. I don’t expect to see any, quite frankly

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The.advertised AP discount ends June 30. @OBNurseNH you expect no discounts to be released at all for fall?

AP discounts are offered to fill empty rooms. I don’t think we expect there will be many rooms available.


What @PrincipalTinker said. SWGE will have discounts on hold for the foreseeable future I fear.

Based on pretty slim pickings already (All Stars are already over $150/night at the end of September! That is more per night than I paid for POFQ last year around the same time!!), I do not know that they are going to have to discount anything.

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