AP renewal/upgrade limbo

Anyone else in a position of needing to renew or upgrade passes? Just wondering if anyone has had luck doing this over the phone yet? I can’t book dates for our Christmas trip because of this and was told a couple days ago that that ability will come back on line “eventually” and to keep trying back. Trying back leads to busy signals so just wondering if anyone did get through and heard anything different.

You have always had to upgrade to AP at guest services at a park.

I’m not sure if that’s an option and need to figure it out for my DD - she and I have an Oct trip planned for her 16th (which happened in the pandemic). Right now I’m unable to make park selections for her as she doesn’t have a ticket. I need to know whether or not to buy her a ticket but can’t be sure of that until I know if upgrading to AP is still available

Someone in a Facebook group told me they upgraded their gold to platinum on Monday as a “one time exception”. The CM I talked to said it “used to be” possible, but not now. Maybe I’ll just wait til things settle a bit then hop there is still availability

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