AP renewal question

I have a trip planned for 6/4-6/8 and my AP is good through 6/6. Orbitz currently has 5 day park hoppers for $344 which is $40 less than the disney website. Could I buy the orbitz tickets, link them to my acct, use it for entry into the park on the first day we are there and then use the tickets towards my AP renewal? I think that there will also be a price increase by the time we arrive so would we get credit for the 5 day PH ticket price at the time we want to use them towards the renewal?

I don’t believe that you can use them as a credit towards renewal, but you could use them as credit towards the purchase of a new AP. However, the savings is not enough to justify going that route.

The current AP renewal rate saves you $95 I think.

Thanks @brklinck and @PrincipalTinker! Just trying to save as much money as possible.